Sunday, February 25, 2007

5000 soccer balls for Project Play Niger 2007

Great idea. Would love to see it extended to Sudan, DRC and N Uganda. Project Play was conceived by Mike Mitchell, based on his experiences while serving in the Peace Corps in Niger from 1983 to 1985.

Mike arrived in the town of Zinder with a love for the game of soccer and a duffel bag containing 8 balls. Accordingly, the balls were his ticket into the lives of the local children. Within a short time Mike became an integral part of the provincial club team L'Equipe Espoir (Team Hope), which eventually won the 1984 Nigerian Championship.

Project Play's goal of returning to Niger with an estimated five thousand soccer balls, will be the first fruit borne of Mike's dream to reconnect with the children of Africa and enhance global understanding through sport.

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Farmer power the key to green advance

It is simply unacceptable to allow over 850 million people go to bed hungry in a world that produces more than enough food for all. Eco-farming helps poor.

Full story by Michel Pimbert via BBC online 23 Feb 2007.